Postdoctoral positions

Postdoctoral positions, when available, will be advertised via the University website. We warmly encourage interested postdoctoral candidates to apply funding via Marie SkÅ‚odowska-Curie Fellowships, Academy of Finland postdoctoral funds, the joint Foundation’s Postdoc pool, and other sources. If you are interested in applying and you have a strong background in organic synthesis or computational chemistry, we would be very happy to assist in all stages of the application!

PhD Positions

We don’t currently have funded doctoral student positions open. If you are interested and have a strong background in organic synthetic chemistry or computational chemistry, you can reach out to Juha directly to discuss funding opportunities.


We are always pleased to have international visiting students and researchers joining our group, either for short visits or longer stays! Interested students and researchers, at any stage of their studies should contact Juha directly.


Interested in advanced organic synthesis? Want to use your coding skills in chemistry? If you are interested in doing your bachelor’s or master’s project in our group contact Juha directly. Please note that our positions are only for students currently registered at Aalto University.

High-school internships

The research group is happy to offer 1-2 high-school internships every year for students who are interested in learning advanced organic chemistry. If you are interested in summer research opportunities, contact Juha directly.